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Live Chat

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Food Ingredients
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Food ingredients


Ingredients, flavors and more for the food and beverage industries

With stocking locations around the globe and our food industry experts to guide you every step of the way, your next delicious idea starts here.

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Univar Solutions is more than just your reliable source for food ingredients. We’re your full-service partner in creating and improving recipes that resonate with today’s demanding consumers — so you can grow your product line and your business.

We start with a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance products from the world’s leading producers, giving you access to the options you need and the formulation expertise to succeed across a broad range of food and beverage applications — bakery, beverages, dairy, proteins, prepared foods, snacks, and more.

Premier application development and support

Univar Solutions' global team of dedicated food technical specialists provides comprehensive application development and support, from market and trend research to product formulation, development, and marketing. Because we’re able to help customers choose the right ingredient the first time, your product development process is streamlined, and time to commercialization can be expedited.

Through extensive market research, we pinpoint trends that drive the marketplace, and we help our customers use the most current ingredients and technology to formulate products that meet consumer demand.

Together with our sales staff, operations team, and laboratories, we strive to give our customers a competitive advantage by offering differentiated service, quality products, and value-added solutions tailored to the business drivers of each customer.

Ingredient categories in our food portfolio include the following:

  • Acidulants
  • Bicarbonates
  • Emulsifiers
  • Flavors and flavor maskers
  • Fortifiers
  • Phosphates
  • Preservatives
  • Proteins
  • Sweeteners

Univar Solutions has a global footprint and world-class supply chain to handle your specialty and commodity ingredients. Our technical teams stand ready to assist, with the goal of delivering high-quality products and value-added services to maximize your products' potential and help grow your business.

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