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Leadership in Canada

Mike Hildebrand, President Canada, Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Mr. Hildebrand became President of Canada, Global Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (AGES) in March 2019 following Univar’s acquisition of Nexeo Solutions. Mr. Hildebrand joined Univar in 1991 and has led the Company’s Canada, Global Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (AGES) segment since October 2014. In this role, he has been responsible for developing industry strategies, growing AGES’ North American business, and identifying new geographical expansion opportunities. From December 2010 to January 2013, Mr. Hildebrand served as Vice President of Human Resources, Canada, and was General Manager of Univar’s Alberta operations from December 2006 to November 2011. Mr. Hildebrand received his bachelor’s degree in business administration and education from the University of Calgary.

Chris Halberg, Vice President, LCD Canada 

Mr. Halberg joined Univar in 1998 when the company opperated as Van Waters & Rogers. Roles in Purchasing and Customer Service led to an opportunity in Technical Sales in Northern Alberta. In 2004, he joined the Vancouver team as a Credit Manager, which later led to roles in Eastern Canada as Regional and National Finance Manager. Mr. Halberg served as General Manager — Ontario & Manitoba, followed by his role as Regional VP — Eastern Canada and has most recently transitioned to Vice President, Local Chemical Distribution Canada.

Adam Iasenzaniro, Vice President, Focused Industries 

Mr. Iasenzaniro was appointed Vice President of Focused Industries for Canada in October of 2018. In prior roles, Mr. Iasenzaniro has served as General Manager for Ontario & Manitoba and General Sales Manager for the Ontario region, overseeing sales growth and sales operations within the province in addition to other positions of increased responsibilities in Sales and Finance. Mr. Iasenzaniro joined Univar Solutions in 2008 as a Customer Service Representative for the Composite, Plastic & Rubber (CP&R) Industry. In his personal life, he has served local communities as a volunteer support & social worker since 2004. Mr. Iasenzaniro holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Fredericton in addition to his education in Food Science from the University of Guelph and Economics from Concordia University.

Jeff Thomas, Vice President, Corporate Accounts 

Mr. Thomas joined Univar Canada in 1996 with an original focus in the technical services team. He used his chemical engineering degree to successfully grow Univar's Oil and Gas division as an instrumental team member and subsequent manager of this group. His managerial talents were a natural transition to the commercial side of the business. Mr. Thomas held various sales management roles culminating in General Manager for the Prairie Provinces, and combined his technical and managerial expertise in 2012 to become VP – North American Oil and Gas, Upstream. In his current position, he focuses on helping ensure global synergies to develop key national and multinational accounts.

Cheryl Winter, Vice President, Human Resources 

Ms. Winter joined ChemPoint, a Univar Company, in 2010 as Vice President of Human Resources. In 2012 her role was expanded to include Univar Canada. Ms. Winter's background includes a position as HR Generalist Practitioner and roles in global service contract organization. She champions creating a workplace that will attract talent and deliver professional development opportunities to ensure a high-performing workforce.

Neil Douglas, Vice President, Agriculture

Mr. Douglas joined Univar in 2012 as the Canadian General Sales Manager. He was named Vice President for the Agriculture Division of Univar Canada in March 2014. Neil serves on the board of CropLife Canada. Before coming to Univar, Neil worked with organizations such as BASF, DuPont Pioneer, and Advanta Seeds. Neil grew up in Western Canada on a grain and cattle farm. He and his wife Carla live in Winnipeg, Canada with their four children.

Joel Kallner, Vice President, Finance

Mr. Kallner joined Univar in 1998, when the Company operated as Van Waters & Rogers, as Senior Accountant, followed by a promotion to Controller in 2000, and in April 2004 to Vice President of Finance. Prior to his career with Univar, Mr. Kallner held positions with Raisio Chemicals and Overwaitea Food Group, both with headquarters in the greater Vancouver area.

Barry McGee, Vice President, Business Development 

Barry McGee joined Univar Canada in 1979. His early years with the Company were spent learning all aspects of the business including customer service, purchasing and logistics, after which he joined the sales group and was later appointed General Sales Manager for Alberta. Mr. McGee moved on to a general management role for the Prairie Provinces, followed by Vice President of Western Canada, including the Caustic business in North Vancouver, BC and most recently transitioned to Vice President, Business Development.

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